Affordable Air Conditioning Service With Mini Split System Install

Air conditioning is an essential part of residential and commercial spaces. People who live or work in Queens, NY understand the importance of keeping their air conditioning systems functional. However, most individuals are often hesitant to install an air conditioning system due to high expenses. That’s where KOKA-TECH HVAC INC comes in. We provide affordable air conditioning service that cater to all your cooling needs, including mini split system installation.

Preferred and Affordable Air Conditioning Service in Queens, NY

The Rising Trend of Mini Split System Installations

Mini split system installations are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact design and energy efficiency. A mini-split system comprises two main components, namely; indoor and outdoor units connected by a conduit. The system allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms, making it highly convenient for those with varied cooling preferences.

We’re experts at mini-split system installation. Our team of skilled technicians will handle your installation process from scratch. From choosing the right unit for your space’s size to determining the best location for maximum comfort, we ensure that our services exceed your expectations.

Trusted and Affordable Air Conditioning Service in Queens, NY

The Dual Benefits of Mini-Split Systems

The benefits of mini-split systems are numerous- starting with lower energy bills! With such systems being energy efficient, you can save up on a lot of monthly electric bills while staying cool all summer long. Additionally, thanks to its ductless design, your indoor air quality improves by not recirculating dirty air throughout the entire building or home.

Another significant advantage of mini splits is convenience- they’re nearly silent! You don’t need loud appliances interfering with television programs or conversations just because you’re trying to stay cool.

Reliable and Affordable Air Conditioning Service in Queens, NY

If you’re focused on cost-effectiveness and functionality without sacrificing reliability and ultimately require affordable air conditioning service, look no further than KOKA-TECH HVAC INC. Our expert technicians have over many years worth of experience installing top-notch heating & cooling systems for commercial businesses as well as residences throughout Queens, NY.

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