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Keeping your HVAC system in great condition is key to having a comfortable and energy-efficient property. If you notice that your heating or cooling equipment is malfunctioning, you must have it checked by experts like KOKA-TECH HVAC INC. We’re a trusted cooling and heating service provider in Queens, NY, and we can provide you with the functional and dependable HVAC system that you deserve.

Reliable Heating Service Provider in Queens, NY

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KOKA-TECH HVAC INC was established in 2022, but we started working in the HVAC service industry much earlier than that. With a decade of experience under our belt, we’ve mastered advanced HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance techniques while taking our skills to the next level.

Certified Technicians at Your Service

All of our experts have Section 608 Technician certification from the EPA. We’re also proud to have New York City Department of Buildings Site Safety Plan (SSP) certification and a certified Navien installer and service provider. By choosing our technicians, you know that your HVAC system is in the hands of qualified and reliable experts and that you can access a world-class cooling and heating service.

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KOKA-TECH HVAC INC is one of the best HVAC service providers you can trust in Queens, NY. Give us a call now at (929) 406-0552 and book your appointment!


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